Boiler room theme essay

On the last word of Serling's narration, the elevator starts its drop sequence. Rather than a simple gravity-powered drop, however, the elevator is pulled downwards, causing most riders to rise off their seats, held down by a seat belt . At least once during the drop sequence, wide elevator doors in front of the riders open to reveal a view of the park from a height of 157 ft (48 m), however the drop is only 130 ft (40 m), the height of a 13-story building. The elevator drops at a top speed of 39 miles per hour (63 km/h). In the Hollywood Studios version, the back of the "Hollywood Tower Hotel" sign partially obstructs the view (the on-ride camera is located here, recording the ride for video or a photograph to be purchased later).

They say the eyes hold the truth, but turns out elephants are hiding something: a third eyelid. In addition to upper and lower eyelids, elephants have a nictitating membrane, a thin, translucent layer of skin that moves vertically across the elephant's eye for protection while the large mammal eats, bathes, or cools itself with spritzes of water. Elephants can see through the lids as if they were sunglasses or swimming goggles. The nictitating membrane also appears in other animals like manatees, camels, and some types of birds, but at 12,000 pounds, the Indian elephant we see here is one of the largest creatures with these inner eyelids. Looks like evolution has graced elephants with more than majestic trunks and incredible memory!

Boiler room theme essay

boiler room theme essay


boiler room theme essayboiler room theme essayboiler room theme essayboiler room theme essay