Broken spears essay topics

Mastery of this skill was one of the requirements necessary, before I allowed a rider to joust in one of our shows. "Full contact" billing notwithstanding, armed combat between two individuals is still illegal. Safety is paramount. I point out that while the intention of our performance was entertainment, the forces at work here are just the same as in real combat. In a "real" joust I would aim at my opponents head, and try and miss his shield. In a "staged" joust, I was aiming at his shield, and trying to miss his head. As our shows were choreographed with a prescribed number of hits, and even "breakaway" lances, a rider would be called upon to hit sufficiently hard to get a good sound - but not so hard as to prematurely unhorse his opponent. Still harder yet, was the force needed to break our "rigged" lances. On occasion, these lances did not break, and the rider was unhorsed! And hardest of all was the force needed to unhorse a performer hesitant to fall on cue.

To provide 'beta' men an incentive to produce far more economic output than needed just to support themselves while simultaneously controlling the hypergamy of women that would deprive children of interaction with their biological fathers, all major religions constructed an institution to force constructive conduct out of both genders while penalizing the natural primate tendencies of each.  This institution was known as 'marriage'.  Societies that enforced monogamous marriage made sure all beta men had wives, thus unlocking productive output out of these men who in pre-modern times would have had no incentive to be productive.  Women, in turn, received a provider, a protector, and higher social status than unmarried women, who often were trapped in poverty.  When applied over an entire population of humans, this system was known as 'civilization'. 

Broken spears essay topics

broken spears essay topics


broken spears essay topicsbroken spears essay topicsbroken spears essay topicsbroken spears essay topics