Bsc thesis wageningen

Henk van der Meer joined Pepscan in September 2008 as CFO. He has over 30 years of experience in finance. He studied Business Economics at Windesheim College in the Netherlands and was further educated in Information Management. Prior to joining Pepscan he held various positions of increasing responsibility at Rijkswaterstaat and Wageningen University. He was involved in incorporation, management and financing of university spin-out companies at Wageningen University. Throughout his career, he has acquired a wealth of experience in F&C, company valuations and corporate strategy.

Katelyn brings experience in the development of sustainable urban ecosystems, including stormwater management and low-impact development (LID) techniques. She also has an ecological restoration foundation in riparian and aquatic restoration techniques, particularly in urban environments. Recently, she has been inspecting the construction of stormwater wetlands and LID features in the Calgary area. The combination of her design, planning and practical experience fully facilitates the integration of landscape architecture with ecological restoration.

The three-year Economics and Business Economics Bachelor's degree is entirely in English. You will learn how business experts and policy makers attempt to stimulate both corporate and economic activity. The programme will give you the theoretical tools and analytical skills needed to address complex issues.

During the first year - the foundation year - all students take the same course units. In year two, you will either specialise in Business Economics, Economics or International Economics and Business.

* Business Economics focuses on decision-making within an organisation from an economic point of view.
* In Economics, you learn to develop models with which to obtain an understanding of economic phenomena.
* In International Economics and Business, you will learn how businesses should deal with stakeholders with diverse social norms and expectations in an international context.

After finishing the Bachelor's degree, you can continue as a postgraduate student at the University of Groningen.

Bsc thesis wageningen

bsc thesis wageningen


bsc thesis wageningenbsc thesis wageningenbsc thesis wageningenbsc thesis wageningen