Cell phone persuasive speech

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Traveling on the bus for short distances isn’t so bad. I ought to know. I used Greyhound all the time to travel between Seattle and Bellingham where I went to school. It’s a nice quiet ride. But long distance is nothing short of hell. On a trip from Cleveland, Ohio to Seattle, I faced three days without being able to shower and the smell of fellow passengers in the same bus. Sleep was almost impossible. Just try to sleep on one of those seats at 6 . with a baby bawling its head off right behind you. I was so tired by the time we got to Spokane, I fell asleep in the bus terminal and almost missed the bus out. Skip the cross-country bus. Take a plane. Stay home. Do anything--just avoid long distance bus travel.

Cell phone persuasive speech

cell phone persuasive speech


cell phone persuasive speechcell phone persuasive speechcell phone persuasive speechcell phone persuasive speech