College science fair projects

Follow the KIS principle - Keep it Simple!

Place each sheet of the Abstract and Project report in individual 3-ring plastic sheet protectors. They can be purchased at your local office supply store.

Adhering to your color scheme, put the Abstract in a 3-ring folder, Project Report in a 3-ring notebook.

Print a separate label for each of the binders.

Arrange these items neatly on the table in front of your display board.

Do not let the models that you made, equipment or parts of the display hang over the table. Keep everything off the floor.

Attach three-dimensional objects to the display board at the fair - not at home.

Ask your science teacher if you are permitted to cover the table with a cloth. If so, coordinate the color with the color scheme of your display board.

Neatly arrange model and or equipment in an organized fashion, along with your Abstract, Journal /Lab Notebook , and Science Report, on the table in front of the display board.


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College science fair projects

college science fair projects


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