Essay diabetes management

Multidisciplinary supportive system such as Diabetes Specialist, Nutritionist, Nurses, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist and Podiatrist would further enhance health educator’s role. The management of diabetes mellitus not only requires the prescription of the appropriate nutritional and pharmacological regimen by the physician but also requires intensive education and counselling of the patient (Nuttall 1993). Interprofessional approaches to patient care are believed to have the potential for improving professional relationships, increases efficiency and co-ordination, ultimately enhancing patient and health outcomes (Curran, Sharpe and Forristall 2007). Nevertheless, health educator will effectively cope with the problem through multidisciplinary supportive system, can build appropriate relationship within the multidisciplinary team members to work collaboratively and consult with one another to achieve the shared objectives (Skovlund and Peyrot 2005). Hence

As you can imagine, cigarette smoke contains many impurities that are inhaled in great numbers directly into the lung. For this reason, the alveolar spaces of the smoker contain numerous scavenger cells (macrophages) that are filled with engulfed (phagocytized) particles of impurities and debris, as illustrated in Picture of scavenger cells in a smoker's alveolus Under the microscope, with this high magnification, you can actually see the black and brown engulfed particles in the alveolar scavenger cells. Indeed, smoker's lung may have so much of this particulate material that the lung looks gray-black to the naked eye. Most of the time, you don't need a microscope to tell if someone is or was a heavy smoker. A naked eye examination of a smoker's lung will usually reveal an enlarged gray-black lung with enlarged air spaces (the emphysema, as you saw in Figure 4 and will see again in Figure 8).

Essay diabetes management

essay diabetes management


essay diabetes managementessay diabetes managementessay diabetes managementessay diabetes management