Essay on conics

Like most other tests, one cannot expect to do well in ACCUPLACER without adequate study. You would be making a grave mistake if you are of the opinion that as ACCUPLACER is a placement test, one need not take it seriously. Remember that poor scores could mean spending time in attending developmental classes and delaying the commencement of your routine college-work. Moreover, mediocre scores would prevent you from being able to take your choice of course at college. Therefore, spend adequate time in going over the test content and preparing for the tests in such a way that you get admitted to a course of your choice.

Scholarly interest in this matter involves more than just idle curiosity and medical detective-work. The question of Pascal’s physical and mental health goes to the heart of desires to learn more about the conditions and circumstances that produce extraordinary genius. Affliction and disease, physical or emotional trauma, a natural disadvantage or disability have often served as an added motive or accelerator for high-level creative achievement. Examples abound – from the ancient legend of the blind and vagabond Homer to the documented histories of modern creative figures like Isaac Newton, Van Gogh, Stephen Hawking, and Christy Brown. We can only speculate whether and to what extent Pascal’s physical ailments and disabilities, instead of retarding his career, may have actually spurred and given rise to his intellectual triumphs.

Essay on conics

essay on conics


essay on conicsessay on conicsessay on conicsessay on conics