Essays on fire and ice

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This web site concerns the music and life of acoustic musician & music educator Harvey Reid.

Although the first two lines of the poem insist that there can only be a single choice between fire and ice, the narrator undercuts this requirement by acknowledging that both elements could successfully destroy the world. Moreover, the fact that he has had personal experience with both (in the form of desire and hate) reveals that fire and ice are not mutually exclusive, as the first two lines of the poem insist. In fact, though the narrator first concludes that the world will end in fire, he ultimately admits that the world could just as easily end in ice; fire and ice, it seems, are strikingly similar.

Saturn consist of around 75% hydrogen and 25% helium, like the planet Jupiter but much less dense, and also has methane, ammonia, ethane, acetylene 1 and phosphine, and with traces of various ices. ... The atmosphere of Saturn has weak bonds and there is a high haze, perhaps composed of crystals of ammonia ice, above the clouds... The ring particles seem to be composed primarily of water ice, but they may also include rocky particles with icy coatings and are extremely cold. ...

Essays on fire and ice

essays on fire and ice


essays on fire and iceessays on fire and iceessays on fire and iceessays on fire and ice