Essays on good and evil in beowulf

Any powerful spirit can pretend to be good. Even a being of complete evil, like Satan in the Christian Bible, is said to be able to appear 'as an angel of light' ( 2 Cor. 11:14 ). And in Islam , the Satanic verses were sneaked into the Qur'an by the devil , without Muhammad noticing that they were from the most evil being rather than angel Gabriel. That a being of complete evil can hide its true nature and appear as good is a genuine warning from world religions; how much easier must it be for lesser demons and naughty spirits to hide their lesser quantities of evil (. 1 John 4:1 ). Some groups of early Christians thought that the entire Old Testament was written by an interloper; an evil god , that ought to be overthrown. Such dualistic battles are common in gnostic and mystery religions. We poor Human beings have little chance of determining who are the good, and who are the bad, in the world of gods, angels, demons and spirits.

The teachings of the Sikh Gurus do not dogmatize, nor do they specify any moral injunctions that are permanently demarcated like, ‘Thou shall not kill’ or ‘Thou shall not steal.’ Instead, the ethical code which is indicated throughout the scriptures naturally arises out of a few simple fundamental ideas which are common to all human society. The main idea is to love God’s name and most importantly, to desire union with Him. Sikhism asserts that man is not fundamentally evil, but basically and originally good. However, this good is overshadowed when man is under the influence of evil, thus man is constrained to rediscover it during the course of human life. This effort of mankind is rewarded by the grace of God.

Essays on good and evil in beowulf

essays on good and evil in beowulf


essays on good and evil in beowulfessays on good and evil in beowulfessays on good and evil in beowulfessays on good and evil in beowulf