Failure is impossible essay

So employees say to themselves, ‘I see that Bill, the vice president of widgets, who the president adores, failed, and he is not only back at work, but he is driving a hot new sports car. I can fail and come to work the next day. Bill is proof of it.’ ” Finally, Heath stays motivated by the thought that, “if I become complacent and don’t take risks, someone will notice what I am doing and improve upon my efforts over time, and put me out of work. You’ve got to keep finding better ways to run your life , or someone will take what you’ve accomplished, improve upon it, and be very pleased with the results. Keep moving forward or die.”  

I did calculation today at work. I counted the number of hours left before I quit my job to turn my side business into my full on vocation. 1032. As of now, 1024. I am lying in bed next to my gorgeous, brilliant wife and it’s 10:30pm and I am vibrating with happiness. Taking hold of my family’s fate. I’d rather have that fate in my hands than in the hands if some indifferent company that doesn’t give a shit whether my family prospers or perishes. It’s the dawning of a new age: the age of the entrepreneur. Damn these heartless corporations. Stop being a slave to their agenda. Stand up, fight and take your life back.

Failure is impossible essay

failure is impossible essay


failure is impossible essayfailure is impossible essayfailure is impossible essayfailure is impossible essay