Good compare contrast essay introduction

Fresh topics for essays

  1. Would you rather make a lot of money or fulfil your dreams?
  2. What is the difference between bulimia and anorexia?
  3. Smoking or drinking - which is worse?
  4. Weight lifting or CrossFit - what would you choose?
  5. Male friendship vs. female friendships.
  6. Starbucks vs. Keurig.
  7. Disneyland vs. Port Adventura.
  8. Warner Brothers vs. 20 th Century Fox.
  9. Paganism vs. Islam.
  10. Outside vs. inside beauty.
Original themes for compare and contrast essays
  1. Your happiest day vs. your saddest day.
  2. Star Wars vs. Star Trek.
  3. Rap music vs. rock.
  4. Writing email vs. sending a regular letter.
  5. Norway vs. Iceland.
  6. My two dearest friends.
  7. Nascar vs. Formula One.
  8. British Empire vs. Roman Empire.
  9. Working in an open space vs. working in a small office.
  10. Infatuation vs. love.
We have created quite a list for you, don't you think? You will definitely find something you can write about. Just remember to talk about something you have a certain level of expertise in or have reliable sources to check the information at. Other than that, grab our plan - and start writing the piece right away!

With a little creativity, there is no need to limit your data to gender-based statistics. In the graphic above, some elements have been changed in order to compare and contrast German women with Irish women. The male half of the male/female shape at the center (1), has been deleted. A quick copy-pasting of the female half, a horizontal flip, and a color change later, and we’ve got two female halves, one German the other Irish. The male/female labels (2) have been changed to reflect the new data sets. Finally, the little families at the bottom right and left (3) have been altered. The males have been deleted, leaving two females, a woman and a girl. Simply resize, reposition, and recolor all elements that don’t match the new color scheme, and you’ve got yourself a completely different infographic.

Good compare contrast essay introduction

good compare contrast essay introduction


good compare contrast essay introductiongood compare contrast essay introductiongood compare contrast essay introductiongood compare contrast essay introduction