Lifelong learning essay

Hi, Saga:
As usual, another wonderful roundup though a few of the listed practices are over-lapping.
To me, one very important point about life-long learning is missing, and that, understanding that the world is an “Invisible University”.
Learning is not merely confined to reading book and pursuing MOOCs. You can learn much more – lifewide and lifedeep – by watching the world goes by, via:
– seeing what’s happening around you, and/or
– pausing to hear what people are talking about, and/or
– having casual conversations with strangers on the streets or while commuting on public transport;
– glancing at and reading intently wall poster displays at your supermarket, at shopping malls (even walking though the aisle spaces, or just window shopping is a learning endeavour), and even on the streets;
– sorting out all the direct mail brochures in your mail box;
– attending trade exhibitions and collecting pamphlets for further study;
– watching newspaper ads and perusing readers’ forum pages (more importantly, reading the editorial pages and economic/political analyses gives a good summary of important events of the day);
– attending free product previews or trade promotions on the sidewalks.
More interestingly, listening to selected audio podcasts while commuting or waiting in line, like in a doctor’s office, is another powerful lifelong learning practice.
By the way, notwithstanding any deliberate MOOC pursuits or just watching TED talks and YouTube broadcasts, surfing on the net on its own serendipitously and/or doing random Google searches – with attendant surprising findings – also can add more to the punch.
Even email exchanges with folks around the global village can be a good learning experience.
Last but not least, spending quality time with old folks and young folks . digital natives can be very enriching and even exhilarating from the standpoint of lifelong learning!

Abraham Lincoln said, "I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday." [1] This opens the premise that learning is a daily adventure that one carries and explores throughout life. Learning doesn't stop just because school does. People who are truly effective generally did not get that way by sitting still; they apply themselves to constant learning and competing against themselves to grow and learn day by day. Making a commitment to yourself to learn something new every day, you will not only enjoy what you discover, but you will be able to apply your knowledge and become a teacher to future generations.

Lifelong learning essay

lifelong learning essay


lifelong learning essaylifelong learning essaylifelong learning essaylifelong learning essay