Man's search for meaning essays

The most important key to finding a positive, encouraging meaning to a name is to interpret the linguistic and academic insights in the Light of the Bible, where we can find God's perspective on the name.  This vital step always reveals the greatest treasure of a name.  Because names are carried by treasured human beings that Yeshua gave His life to love, God's perspective on a name meaning always reflects His great love and truth for that person.  Sadly, this is why we see people who are rejecting Yahweh's plan demonstrate the exact opposite characteristics of the meanings of their name.  I've seen names that meant "healing" borne by those known for injuring others or names meaning harmony or commitment shamed with actions of argument and accusation.  This direct contrast is an uncanny clue towards the great potential God would inspire through the meaning of a name, or the very pitfalls we succumb to in rejecting God's plan.  Perhaps that is one of His purposes for giving us a name: to guide us towards His plan for us, and away from the shame of dishonoring our name.  Even the most stubborn or destructive people carry their name with them everywhere they go.  The reminder found in their name's meaning can point them to the God that formed them in the womb.

In contrast to logotherapy, contemporary positive psychology, launched in 1998 by Martin Seligman, was developed during a time of peace and prosperity. Positive psychology initially focused only on the bright side of human existence; I called it positive psychology (Kashdan & Ciarrochi, 2013; Wong, 2011). Recently, I and others (Sheldon, Kashdan, & Steger, 2011; Wong, 2011) have been emphasizing that a balanced positive psychology will confront life in its totality, considering both the positive potential of negatives as well as the negative potential of positives. The current stance of positive psychology corrects the initial positive bias, but still maintains a positive focus even in negative situations.

Man's search for meaning essays

man's search for meaning essays


man's search for meaning essaysman's search for meaning essaysman's search for meaning essaysman's search for meaning essays