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Basically, what you want to know is if you have very hard or very soft water. Hard water has lots of mineral content and calcium carbonate in particular. If you see calcium buildup (white residue) on your faucets, you probably have hard water.

Soft water has low mineral content, which is preferable. (But you cannot use water that has gone through a water softener system for hydroponics... it's way too salty).

Okay, so you found out you have hard water (Calcium content is above 70 ppm). What can you do about it?
Simple: The GH Flora hydroponic solution we recommend later has a base solution specifically for use with hard water. Instead of using FloraMicro , simply buy Hardwater FloraMicro . Problem solved!

In addition to the horticultural advice, Opium for the Masses offered simple recipes for making “poppy tea” from either store-bought or homegrown poppies, and Hogshire reported that a cup of this infusion (which is apparently a traditional home remedy in many cultures) would reliably relieve pain and anxiety and “produce a sense of well being and relaxation.” Bigger doses of the tea would produce euphoria and a “waking sleep” populated by dreams of a terrific vividness. Hogshire cautioned that the tea, like all opiates, was addictive if taken too many days in a row; otherwise, its only notable side effect was constipation.

What a bunch of elitist crap. You can play with the semantics as long as you want, but face it, YOU ARE A FOODIE! Yes that’s right – you. Your interest in the world of food lead you into writing about food. You are a FOODIE. Not a real chef, not a real cook, just a guy who found a passion in food. And who do you think buys your books? Do you really think that classically trained chefs are running out to buy “The Making of a Chef”? No, its the foodies that you continually put down. Most likely 90% of the people who read this blog and “hate the word foodie” only know you exist because they too, are foodies and found your work through their interest in food. At least Chef Pardus has been a voice of reason in this ridiculous debate. You can hide behind your pretentiousness, but YOU ARE A FOODIE!

Michael pollan why bother thesis

michael pollan why bother thesis


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