Nokia siemens networks thesis

Nokia BB5 security code reset procedure:

  • Connect your phone via USB cable in pc mode & install the drivers for your cell phone provided with Nokia pc suite, then exit pc suite.
  • Then install Nemesis service suite
  • Select USB virtual drive during installation (in case of nokia 6120c)(for nokia 5700 use diamond protection)
  • After installation open it
  • Click on scan button
  • Click on phone info
  • Click on scan
  • Click on permanent memory tab given on right bottom of application
  • Click on read
  • It will read the permanent memory file & write it to the disk
  • Your pm file will be located in the path:
    C:\program files\nss\backup\pm\356252*********.pm
  • Open that pm file in notepad
  • Now scroll until field [308] and on the 5th record your security code is saved
  • Look for something like 5=31313131310000000000
  • Remove all the "3" digits and it will look like this:
  • 5= 11111 0000000000 now the first five digits is the code "11111".
  • Note :- Use this at entirely your own risk, we cannot be held responsible for any phone damage or data loss on your phone or computer.


Nokia siemens networks thesis

nokia siemens networks thesis


nokia siemens networks thesisnokia siemens networks thesisnokia siemens networks thesisnokia siemens networks thesis