Oedipus term paper funny

My observation is that men tend to gain weight in the belly whereas women usually add it to their legs and butt. I’ve also noticed women gain weight in their boobs first and lose weight from their boobs first. My second observation is that a mans fat wallet will overcome his fat belly, at least in the eyes most women. They love to say, “I’m not really that hung up on appearance:, which really means two things: first that their more into money, and second that commenting on their appearance, at least negatively, is off limits.

In 1962, during the show’s third season, the producers decided Fred and Wilma should have a child. Barbera told Emmy TV Legends the plan was for their child to be a boy, until Ideal Toy Company (the company that created the Rubik’s Cube and Betsy Wetsy) changed his mind. One day, Barbera received a call from the guy in charge of Flintstones merchandising. “He said, ‘Hey, I hear you’re having a baby on the show.’ I said, ‘Yeah,’” Barbera said. “He said, ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ ‘What else, a boy. A chip off the old rock.’ He says, ‘That’s too bad. I have the ideal toy. If it was a girl, we could’ve made a hell of a deal.’ I said, ‘It’s is a girl.’” They sold three million dolls within the first couple of months.

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Oedipus term paper funny

oedipus term paper funny


oedipus term paper funnyoedipus term paper funnyoedipus term paper funnyoedipus term paper funny