Phd thesis on emotional intelligence

Admission Requirements.  The normal requirement for admission is a Master of Arts degree in Education, Applied Linguistics, Child Studies, Educational Studies, or Educational Technology, with high standing, from an accredited university. Applicants with a Master’s degree in a related field or discipline, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, adult education, and human resource development, are considered. Applicants from other disciplines might be offered conditional admission which may include fulfilling prerequisite courses.

Apoorva Sikka completed her and degrees in Computer Engineering from RTU Ajmer and MNIT Jaipur​ ​(India). She is currently pursuing PhD at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India. Her work is based on exploring recent machine learning technologies like deep learning to different medical imaging domains to perform tasks such as classification, delineation, synthesis. In past, she has devised a method using fully connected neural networks to perform brain segmentation of MR scans. She is working as a visiting scholar in canlab where she focuses on analysis of deep learning approaches applied to neuroimaging data(fMRI).

Peter Blau played an important role in shaping the field of modern sociology and is one of the most influential post-war American sociologists. He is sometimes considered the last great "grand theorist" of twentieth century American sociology. While Blau’s work in the differentiation of organizations was short-lived, his style of research was not. He provided an exemplar of how to do research and how to build theory. He proved that general and valuable deductive theory was possible in sociology. Blau eventually paved the way for many young sociologists that then used similar styles of research and deductive theory. In addition to that, he, along with the help of Otis Dudley Duncan , introduced multiple regression and path analysis to the sociological audience. These two methods currently are the go-to methods of quantitative sociology. Blau's foundational theories continue to give momentum for development in social science and his ideas are still widely used.

Phd thesis on emotional intelligence

phd thesis on emotional intelligence


phd thesis on emotional intelligencephd thesis on emotional intelligencephd thesis on emotional intelligencephd thesis on emotional intelligence