Restaurant evaluations essays

Robert, those lists certainly take me back! I knew as a restaurant employee, that the one way to make yourself irreplaceable to the managers is to be one of the people who looked after the cleaning and volunteered for cleaning crews, when the monthly “deep cleaning” times rolled around. Yes, it was something that didn’t endear you to some of your co-workers, especially when the time came for evaluations and raises, but, hey! Some of the people you helped out weren’t just making excuses when they said that “People wouldn’t listen to me, or do what I tell them to do.” And YOU were absolutely right in telling them that they either needed to tell those people to get with the program, or fire their asses! Not everyone is cut out for cleaning, and not everyone will WANT to do it. But they WILL want to collect a paycheck every two weeks. So they just have to stay on top of hiring and training quality employees. Simple as that.

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Restaurant evaluations essays

restaurant evaluations essays


restaurant evaluations essaysrestaurant evaluations essaysrestaurant evaluations essaysrestaurant evaluations essays