Season i like most essay

I go fishing in summer not winter to cold and i don’t like the cold its to cold. My dad don’t even go fishing in the winter and plus I’m not a guy I’m a girl and my brother don’t really go fishing with me dad. My holiday wish list is to get more video games for my xbox 360 and i want my hair dyed and i need new cloths even know I’m not a girly girl my grandma spoils me. i also wish that me and my brother would get along but that will NEVER happen. I love Christmas because u get to see family but its not all about the presents sometimes. But u can gave more than that i like getting presents but i also love my family more and spending time. My family is also a nut case just saying.

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Season i like most essay

season i like most essay


season i like most essayseason i like most essayseason i like most essayseason i like most essay