See-i critical thinking

You should write an article on the aspect of this intentional “dumbing down conversation” on the internet is caused by The Pentagon employing comment bots to aggress against the US population, sow division and dominate the conversation to benefit their dominance of society. DARPA funds started up Google AND Facebook. Youtube had a 5 star rating system before Google bought it. Then they dumbed it down immediately and have been sabotaging the accounts of activists, respecting bogus copyright claims asserted by major media against fair use material that was posted with commentary. The internet is setup against The People. It takes a lot to break through that Pentagon wall and make any difference on the internet.

We have come to understand, through routine analysis of our behavior and thoughts, the havoc that egocentricity and sociocentricity play in human lives. We have personally experienced that havoc in our own lives. We find ourselves continually assessing our effectiveness in living in accordance with our deepest values. We now have deep insight into the fact that our development is directly dependent on the extent to which we are successful at decreasing the role of egocentric thinking in our daily lives. We have come to understand the conditions under which we tend to use "domination" or "submission" to get what we want.

However a LDPC decoder will tend to correct all errors in a codeword, or “die trying” (. fail badly). So an average output BER of say 1% will consist of a bunch of perfect frames, plus a completely trashed one every now and again. Digital voice works better with this style of error pattern than a few random errors in each codec packet. So for a given BER, a system that delivers a lower PER is better for our application. I’ve guesstimated a 10% PER target for intelligible low bit rate speech. Lets see how that works out…..

See-i critical thinking

see-i critical thinking


see-i critical thinkingsee-i critical thinkingsee-i critical thinkingsee-i critical thinking