Smoking in public place essay

BAYER: Well, I actually do think there’s a risk. My concern is that when public health officials make claims that can’t be backed by the evidence, they run the risk of people saying, “We can’t trust you.” I understand it is probably more effective to say the reason we’re banning smoking in parks and beaches is that we’re protecting you from sidestream smoke, or your kids from looking at something very bad for them or that we’re protecting wildlife. That might be more effective way in the short run of getting these statutes or regulations passed and put into place.

Given the large number of places where smoking is prohibited, it is not possible for NEA to deploy officers to watch over all these locations at all times. Operators and premises managers are required to stop patrons, visitors and staff from smoking in such smoking prohibited areas or request that they leave the premises as stipulated by the law. Smokers are reminded to be socially responsible and be considerate when smoking in public places and to smoke only in in areas where smoking is not prohibited.  The community can also play an active role by reminding smokers not to light up in smoking prohibited places.

Smoking in public place essay

smoking in public place essay


smoking in public place essaysmoking in public place essaysmoking in public place essaysmoking in public place essay