Social entrepreneurship research paper

Nilekani turned the project into a social enterprise. To minimize capital costs, he repurposed existing retinal scanning and fingerprint recognition technology to create an enrollment platform. To minimize variable costs, he invited other agencies and organizations to act as registrars, collecting a fee of $1 per ID issued. This kept central government employees out of the enrollment business and provided a third-party profit opportunity. As a result, UIDAI did not have to put up the funds for the enrollment equipment or employ thousands of enrollers.

Samer (Sam) Abu-Saifan is the Head of Information Technology for Street Haven at the Crossroads, a not-for-profit organization in Toronto. With over 15 years of experience managing complex technology environments, Sam has held positions in business development, change management, and innovation management. He received a BS in Computer Information Systems from Amman University, Jordan, and a Business Management Certificate from Ryerson University, Toronto. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Technology Innovation Management at Carleton University, Ottawa. In 2011, Sam founded Autism Ottawa (Ottism), a social purpose business that will use innovative technologies to deliver educational services to children and families living with autism.

Social entrepreneurship research paper

social entrepreneurship research paper


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