Sunshine week essay contest

Often, the Cartiers open their tours with a Beaufort story that explains where the name of their company came from. (Although they do lead culinary tours, there’s a little more to it than that.) Hanging in their welcome center is a copy of a 1713 map of Beaufort, inscribed with “Hungry Town.” Why? Because the young town, having been established just four years before, was “hungry” for settlers. More than three centuries later, there’s always room for one more person to stroll — or pedal — along the waterfront, catch a breathtaking view of the sun setting over boats in the harbor, and fall in love.

My grandma used to say “boy quit messin with
that turtle, if it bites you it won’t let go till it thunders”, and “get
that cat outside, it’ll take the babie’s breath away”. Then there is
when you always put your groceries in a “poke” (paper
bag). Then there is such a thing as a thingamajig, lollygaggin and
jabberin, punkin, surgar, or sugarpie (a name of endearment), fiddlin with things, a yeller
backed coward, “cotton picken” (as in it you ain’t going to do a cotton
picken thing) and “when I get a roundtoit”. “She is just as sweet as
pie” or sugar. “Thats worse than a poke in the eye with a sharpstick”
(with emphasis on the word sharp) and “bless their heart”. “Shut the
door you wern’t born in a barn” and I also heard “go get me a switch”
and “your going to get a whoopin” quite a bit. There is just too many to

I only tell our story because there are those who are uninformed about what it means to be transgender or who think that we as the parents are forcing this on our child. I can assure you that this is not the case. The one thing that I impart upon my daughter is very simple: Love yourself and show love to others. That is exactly what I intend to do. I love my daughter for who she is without preconditions, and I promise to help nurture her into a becoming a happy, healthy and productive member of society. After all, isn’t that our job as parents?

Sunshine week essay contest

sunshine week essay contest


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