Thesis statement rose emily

In the economic realm, Rose has been termed "the ultimate establishment law firm" [6] in the state and "the legal arm of the powerful". [7] During the 1970s, for example, its clients included Tyson Foods , Wal-Mart , large brokerage Stephens Inc. , Worthen Bank , and the Arkansas Democrat and other Hussman family media holdings . [6] Hillary Rodham became the firm's first female associate, [6] and soon its first female partner, [8] during her husband Bill Clinton 's tenure as Arkansas Attorney General and Governor of Arkansas . Webster Hubbell , Vince Foster , and William H. Kennedy, III were also partners, before becoming Assistant Attorney General , Deputy White House Counsel , and Associate White House Counsel in the Clinton administration , respectively. [9] In all, the firm grew five times in size between the early 1970s and early 1990s. [10]

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Thesis statement rose emily

thesis statement rose emily


thesis statement rose emilythesis statement rose emilythesis statement rose emilythesis statement rose emily